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Best 5 UA Jordan Retro 4 Sneakers Online Shops in 2023

What is UA shoes?

It is possible to explain what UA does in several ways, the first being by describing them as gray market sneakers. In gray market sneakers, they are made in the same factories as officially licensed sneakers, but made “after hours” or in any other way that is not in accordance with the company’s approval process.

The Jordan 4 has been a staple of the Air Jordan brand since its inception in 1989. There have been several different versions released over the years, each with their own distinct look and style. Here’s a list of the most popular types of Jordan 4:

  1. Air Jordan IV (Retro): The original version of the Jordan 4, which first debuted in 1989. Still a classic to this day and highly sought after by collectors.
  2. Air Jordan IV “White Cement”: Popularized by Spike Lee’s character in the movie Do the Right Thing, the White Cement features a predominately white upper with red and black accents.
  3. Air Jordan IV “Wheat”: The Wheat model of the Air Jordan 4 was often referred to as the Timberland. It sports a wheat/gum colored sole and leather/canvas upper.
  4. Air Jordan IV “Black Cat”: The Black Cat is a fan favorite, featuring a mostly black upper with reflective 3M inserts and eye-catching laser details.
  5. Air Jordan IV “UNC”: The University of North Carolina’s colors are featured on this Nike collaboration model with a hot lava and obsidian blue upper.
  6. Air Jordan IV “Doernbecher”: This limited edition version of the Jordan 4 was designed with the help of patients from the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. It features an eye-catching multi-color upper.
  7. Air Jordan IV “Laser”: An all-white colorway featuring laser etched detailing throughout the entire upper.
  8. Air Jordan IV “Shadow”: This all black version with subtle shadow grey accents is one of the most popular and recognizable styles.

Below are the best 5 UA Jordan Retro 4 Sneakers Online Shops in 2023

1, Headsneakers





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2, Lechahype





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3, Bstsneakers





As a replica sneakers seller in China, the company owns and operates its own factory and specializes in creating various types of high quality, one-to-one sneakers at a very reasonable price.

It took a great deal of effort to make sure that every shoelace, tag, box, and even stitching of every pair of sneakers looked just like the originals. Whenever possible, they use authentic materials from the original factory. When that isn’t possible, they use high-quality alternative materials instead. So you can wear them without worrying about your safety.

4, Hypedripz





The hypedripz team is dedicated to providing you with high quality replica sneakers and clothing from your favorite designer brands, such as Yeezy, Supreme, Replica Versace, Gucci etc. For over 5 years, they have been selling replicas of the highest quality for their customers worldwide.

5, Onebyonemall





In 1989, they introduced a number of professional production lines and processed multiple international brands, including Nike, Adidas, ect. From 1989 to 2009, they have been manufacturing more than 30 million pairs of sneakers a year. They have accumulated a lot of shoe-making technology during this period, and have developed a number of production processes from raw materials to finished products, with an aim to achieve perfection in everything they do.