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Best 5 Turbine Flow Meter Companies In China 2023

A turbine flow meter is an instrument used to measure the flow of liquids, gases and steam. It is a reliable and efficient way to measure flow rate and detect any changes in the flow characteristics. The device uses a turbine, which is a fan-like rotor inside of an enclosed housing, to measure the flow of liquids with accuracy. This turbine rotor measures the flui-velocity and produces an electrical signal that is proportional to the rate of fluid flow through a pipe.

The main advantages of using a turbine flow meter are that it can measure a wide range of flows, from low, steady flow rates to high velocity flows, and it can accurately measure the rate of flow for most types of fluids. Furthermore, the device does not require any maintenance and is extremely reliable. Additionally, this type of flow meter is also highly efficient, as it can accurately measure low and high-pressure differential, which is important in process control applications.

Another advantage of a turbine flowmeter is that it can be easily installed, even in tight spaces, making it an ideal choice for many applications. The design is also quite versatile, and the housing can be adapted to fit different pipe sizes and types. The device is also very reliable and accurate, as the turbine rotors have been precisely designed to allow for the most accurate flow measurement readings.

In conclusion, turbine flow meters are an efficient and reliable static flow measurement devices that offer accuracy and convenience for many applications. To maximize accuracy and detection of flow characteristics, the device should be properly sized and the appropriate readings taken to ensure the desired results. The device made of high-quality materials can ensure reliability and accuracy for years to come.

Below are the best  5 Turbine Flow Meter Companies In China 2023

1, Silverinstruments





SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS industrial process instruments meet a variety of requirements in agriculture, water and wastewater, factory process control, oil & gas, and electricity generation. Their measurement instruments are also in large installations worldwide, and they meet a variety of demanding quality, safety, and industrial standards.

A close relationship with Nanjing University of Science and Technology and Chang Zhou University ensures that technology updates of instrumentation are maintained. Their products are manufactured in strict compliance with ISO9001:20008 International Quality System Certifications. Several patent certificates regarding process instrumentation have been obtained by their highly qualified staff and strong technical power, which is at the core of their continuous development.

2, Macsensor





MAC Sensor holds a variety of mechanical sensors, including rain gauges, wind speed sensors and wind direction sensors. Our products cover a multitude of levels, including submersible level transmitters, radar level transmitters, electromagnetic flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters and ultrasonic level sensors.

The sensors have been closely connected with the terminal equipment, we have passed CE, ATEX, FCC and many other international certifications and we are able to provide complete solutions for smart cities, environmental protection, agricultural irrigation and water treatment industries.

3, Holykell





Holykell is a High-Tech Company founded in 2001 that integrates research and development with production, sales and customer service. The company has gathered a number of excellent domestic technical experts from various areas like automation, electronics, machinery, and computer technology. At present, more than 80% of HOLYKELL employees hold bachelor’s degrees. At present, HOLYKELL has over 120, 000 customers worldwide, and its products are exported to 109 countries, including Europe, America, Australia, Africa, and South East Asia.

4, Cxflowmeter





Shanghai CIXI Instrument Co., Ltd. employs a professional and technical team dedicated to seeking truth, refinement, and innovation. The company has a complete R&D system and professional and technical personnel to ensure that the products of the company are of high quality and stable. From conception and stereotype, the product design adopts the most advanced three-dimensional design to ensure that each component will be scientific and agile.

5, Levelmeters





Hebei Xukang Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and operator of magnetic flip level gauge, glass plate level gauge, color quartz glass tube level gauge, float transmitter, float switch, gas flow meter, liquid flow meter, and float switch controller. A company that develops trade and technology while integrating dozens of products, including meters and metal rotor flowmeters. As part of its marketing strategy, Hebei Xukang Instrument combines domestic and foreign trade. They have a global product marketing network, so they integrate domestic and foreign advantages to provide the best service and quality to their customers worldwide. As a result of their strict ISO9001 quality management system, consumers are assured that their products are safe and secure.