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Best 5 Soccer Uniform Kits Wholesalers 2023

Soccer uniform kits are specialized clothing worn by soccer players as part of their team’s overall matchday image. Uniform kits typically include shorts, socks, jerseys, and cleats, and can also include shin pads and other protective gear. Soccer uniforms are highly important to soccer teams, as they help to create a sense of identity and team spirit, as well as setting a professional tone for the team.

Custom soccer uniform kits are important for teams of all levels, from youth teams to professional and international teams. Teams that have custom uniform kits are more likely to take pride in their on-field appearances, and they are also able to display their team colors and logos in a unified fashion. Custom kits can also be designed to fit the specific needs of a team, such as a certain type of fabric that is tailored to the playing style of the team.

For professional and international teams, custom team soccer jerseys are essential for cultivating a professional image. Professional teams displaying a recognizable and unified kit on the field can help to create a powerful and lasting impression that can be used to attract new fans and sponsors. Custom kits can also reflect the team’s success and history, cementing their identity and helping to create a bond with the fans.

In summary, custom soccer uniform kits are highly important for soccer teams of all levels. Custom kits create a sense of identity and team spirit, as well as establishing a professional image for the team. For professional and international teams, custom kits can help to create a powerful image that can be used to attract new fans and sponsors. Ultimately, custom soccer uniform kits are essential for helping to build a team’s brand and create a lasting connection with its fans.

Below are the best 5 Soccer Uniform Kits Wholesalers 2023

1, Pgsports9





This company was founded in 2011 by Guangzhou Pgsport sportwear Co. Ltd. It has 150 employees, a total area of 2000 square meters, and is located near Baiyun airport in Guangzhou. Pgsport manufactures a comprehensive range of custom made sports clothing including t-shirts, basketball uniforms, soccer uniforms, tracksuits, jackets, among others. They are proud to say that each piece of clothing they produce undergoes a rigorous manufacturing process. They offer a range of manufacturing methods such as: Sublimated sportswear, Embroidered sportswear, Screen printed uniforms, and Heat sealed sportswear.

2, Thesoccerfactory





The Soccer Factory was established in 2007 and has since become the leading destination for all things soccer, both online and in stores. They are a soccer fanatic company, made for soccer fans. From uniforms to shoes on your feet, they strive to provide exceptional service and a complete customer experience. They cater to the needs of fans, players, clubs, and teams. A soccer store where players and teams can get their gear together.

3, Gojersey





As a leading global online retailer and wholesaler of soccer jerseys, shorts, and kits, Goodjersey & Gojersey launched in 2012, with over 45,000 customers at present, the company offers the latest soccer jerseys, shorts, and kits. In addition to offering a wide selection of high-quality, popular jerseys at stunning factory direct prices, they also aim to provide a world-class customer service experience to their worldwide customers.

4, Customyo





This factory specializes in the design, manufacture, and sale of personalized sportswear, including soccer uniforms, football jerseys, basketball uniforms, cricket kits, netball jerseys, cycling wear, sport jackets, hoodies, rugby jerseys, and any other sportswear in digital sublimation printing. They also offer the option of sublimation printing on fabrics as an additional service.

5, Soccershirtsonline





Providing a high quality product at an affordable price with an emphasis on detail is what they strive to do for their customers. Having a zero-tolerance policy for mistakes is important to them; if a shirt looks bad, they will throw it out and get a new one. They will never send a customer a product that is of poor quality.