Best 5 Smart Home Products Suppliers 2022


What is a Smart Home?


A smart home is a digitalized and convenient area of the house owner where all electrical and electronic devices and appliances can be remotely controlled from a central point. The central point is usually a mobile, laptop, tablet, or computer and is programmed in such a way that the complete range of house devices is controlled by the house owner and no one else. The house owner only needs a regular internet connection to control a wide range of home devices. The owner could be inside the home or far away and the devices work only by getting the command from the owner from a mobile or another device.

A smart house allows the owners to control all appliances, thermostats, lights, and other devices and can cut down costs significantly. All appliances and devices inside the home are connected over the network and the owner can create time schedules of their workings and even make changes to take effect speedily.

Works with AiDot
Works with AiDot













Smart devices at home get a command from the single device in the hands of the owner can detect issues of other devices and turn them on or off through a single point where the system is installed. All the devices and appliances form the IoT or Internet of Things and are smart too with self-learning skills and perform flawlessly if the same is installed with the help of an experienced and professional team.


Global Smart Home Overview


Although there are several smart house service professionals only very few can deliver as per their promises. Again, it can be risky if the whole system is not installed to perfection. It is no wonder that the devices should be top-notch to integrate well with the system’s software.

In light of the above, the products should be of top quality and purchased from companies that guarantee their services.

Below are the best smart home products suppliers 2022.


1, aidot







What is Works with AiDot?  AiDot has built a smart home ecosystem composed of multiple sub-brands with AiDot as the core by intelligently empowering the brands on the ecological chain.

The products of multiple categories of many sub-brands together constitute the whole scene and whole ecological product system of smart homes under AiDot Ecosystem, which is jointly committed to creating the smart living ecological experience. Products under the sub-brand jointly constitute the AiDot smart home ecosystem through the logo of Works with AiDot.

2, wuliangroup







Wulian is a professional manufacturer and supplier for Smart Home products and solutions. Founded in 2009, Wulian has developed into the leader in Smart Home industry worldwide with advanced R&D strength, comprehensive product categories and integrated system. The current products and solutions cover a wide range including Energy-Efficient Lighting, Security Supervision, Home Appliances Management, Environmental Detection, and more. In 2015, Wulian joined the ZigBee Alliance as Promoter and Director of Board, actively participating in defining and promoting global IoT standards.








Shenzhen Haiman Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2005, is a country focusing on smart home, NB-IoT smart fire protection, smart sensor product manufacturing and solution providers, integrating independent research and development, production, sales and service. It is a high-tech enterprise, and will be awarded the title of “Little Giant” enterprise in 2022.


4, laviniasmart



Founded in 2015, Smart home continues to go from strength to strength thanks to market-leading brands, a successful strategy, talented people, and our purpose to build A Better Tomorrow。 Our company is located in Shenzhen China but our products are well-loved in more than 100 countries, especially Southeast Asia, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America. We specialize in manufacturing smart homes powered by Tuya..

5, teslasmarthome







The unique design of our Tesla Smart Homes blends harmoniously with any landscape. The ‘’passive house’’ technology saves up to 20% on energy consumption and ensures a comfortable temperature all year round. At Tesla Smart Homes we create stylish, modern homes every day for generations of people who respect nature, its resources and the future with care and consciousness. We use solar energy to power all of our homes.