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Best 5 PP Bags manufacturers in China 2022

What are Polypropylene Bags?

The synthetic polymer polypropylene is used to make polypropylene bags, which are frequently used in consumer products and some industrial applications. The bags are made from polypropylene because it is strong, flexible, and transparent. There are a variety of uses for polypropylene bags. For bags that are intended to be reused, polypropylene is superior to polyethylene, another plastic polymer and the most commonly used material for disposable plastic bags.

It is a polymer, a large molecule made up of many smaller parts called monomers, which are chemically linked together to form a long chain. Polypropylene is made up of three carbon atoms and six hydrogen atoms in a chain of monomers. Each polypropylene molecule can contain thousands of these molecules.

A monomer consists of one carbon atom bonded together with three hydrogen atoms, which are then bonded to another carbon atom in what is known as a methyl group. As well as the methyl group, this carbon atom is bonded to another hydrogen atom, the third carbon atom in the monomer, and one carbon atom from the previous monomer. A third carbon atom is also bonded to two additional hydrogen atoms as well as to one carbon atom from the next monomer. As a result, two chemically identical polypropylene molecules can have different properties based on the orientation of their methyl groups.

Bags can be made of polypropylene because it is strong but lightweight since it has a low density. In addition to being resistant to fatigue and cumulative structural damage caused by repeated increases and decreases in forces or loads, polypropylene is also popular for bags due to its visual qualities. Polypropylene is translucent by default and can be made transparent, making it ideal for bags whose contents should be visible. It can also be manufactured in different colors by using different pigments.

Food is often packaged in sealed, transparent polypropylene bags so that potential buyers can see it and it retains its freshness while being visible to them. As a sturdy, fatigue-resistant material, polypropylene is a popular choice for reusable bags like tote bags and reusable shopping bags, and can be easily customized to suit different colors, designs, or graphics, polypropylene is an ideal material for reusable bags. For bulk storage and shipping, large woven polypropylene bags are used.

Below are the best 5 PP Bags manufacturers in China 2022:

1, bpbpak






They are established in 2003, belong to Nanjing Sky Land Business & Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in Nanjing, China. As a renowned company in the plastic soft packaging industry, we specialize in offering a wide range of bags and packaging solutions for the food, packaging, forwarding and pharmaceutical industries. Typically, they produce zipper bags, slider bags, flat poly bags and square bottom bags that are made from PE, PP, OPP and laminated materials. Their products are exported throughout Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan and Korea. In the past, they have always placed a high value on product quality and product security in the first place, from material import to production, all of the production procedures are strictly followed by International Standard Regulations.

2, ppwovenbagschina






They are a professional manufacturer of PP woven bags, jumbo bags, FIBC container bags, woven polypropylene bags, packaging bags, etc. Their factory has been exporting jumbo pp woven bags for more than ten years.

They manufacture printed PP bags that can be plain flat yarn woven bags, be coated with PP lamination, be laminated with Bopp film, be printed in simple or photographic ways, be printed in any colour you want, be transparent, or be printed with any kind of printing that you want.

3, chinawovensack





With an established history of over 30 years of growth, Timyeh has maintained strict quality control and continuously upgraded its technology over the course of the company’s 30 years of existence. Timyeh is a family-owned business that specializes in the manufacture of woven bag fabrics and finished products.

In addition to having a good relationship with many raw material suppliers, Timyeh also manufactures bags and fabrics that are of guaranteed quality and at a competitive price. Timyeh builds the bags and fabrics directly and sells them directly, passing along the profits to the customers. Timyeh has been supplying its products to both domestic and foreign markets for decades and has established a stable customer base throughout the world.

4, bklplastic





Their company has been engaged in producing and supplying eco-friendly products to the customers all over the world since they are committed to protecting the environment. From PE bags to biodegradable and compostable PLA bags, from plastic tableware to substitutes made from sugarcane and wheat straw pulp, from polythene cutlery to corn starch ones and from plastic straws to paper straws, Baekeland has grown up with theirrespectful clients to do their best for the same goal of “From nature to nature”.

As a means to protect environment, using biodegradable products is the most efficient method, especially those made from renewable and sustainable materials.

So Baekeland’s products and our associate factories’ resources go into action, which in turn covers products for the household, restaurant and hotel sectors, including garbage bags and shopping bags made of plastic, bagasse plates (wheat straw), food containers, clamshells and trays, as well as disposable kitchen items, including chef hats and face masks, baking paper, aluminum foil rolls, and biodegradable aprons. In addition to being biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable, all of the products they manufacture are made from sustainable and renewable resources, and are certified by OK compost, Seedling, and BPI.

5, ppbagwoven








In Linyi City, Shandong Province, LINYI DONGLIAN IMPORT&EXPORT CO.,LTD is one of the biggest professional factories in the country. Since 1998, their company has been manufacturing a variety of PP woven bags, PE liner bags, big bulk bags, mesh bags, fertilizer bags, rice bags, seed bags, feed bags, laminated bags, valve bags, and all kinds of full-color bags. With 500 advanced circular weaving machines and 20 production lines, our factory has a wide range of full-color bags. They have a daily production capacity of 40 tons in our factory. They offer OEM and ODM services based on your specifications. Strict quality inspection and quick response to customers have earned them great fame at home and abroad. The relationship between customers and their company is strengthened by competitive prices and good after-sale service.