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Best 5 pixel led strip light manufacturers in China 2022

What does an pixel LED strip mean?

LED strips that are addressable can be controlled by microcontrollers. Unlike traditional LED strips, which are controlled by a single data line, pixel LED strips are controlled by a number of data lines, each controlling a different color LED. The lighting effects and animations are much more complex as a result. In gaming PCs, pixel LED strips can be used for creating subtle underflow effects and elaborate RGB lighting displays, as well as creating subtle underflow effects. It is, however, possible for pixel LED strips to also be used for more mundane applications, such as accent lighting or lighted signage. No matter what application they are used for, they are sure to add a touch of style and excitement to any space.

How do I know if my LED strip is addressable?

You can determine whether your LED strip is addressable by looking for a few things.

  1. Check if the strip has an addressable chip on it. Most addressable strips have a small chip that controls the lighting output. If the strip does not have an addressable chip, then it is likely that it is not addressable.
  2. Generally, addressable strips have a three-wire cable that connects the strip to the controller, while nonaddressable strips typically only have two wires. Take a look at the wires on the data cable that connects the strip to the controller.
  3. Check the controller for programming options. By following these steps, you can easily determine whether your LED strip is addressable, since addressable controllers allow you to change the color or pattern of the lights, while non-addressable controllers do not.

Below are the best 5 pixel led strip light manufacturers in China 2022

1, ledstriplightings






Hanron Lighting Co., Ltd is a leading developer, designer, supplier and manufacturer of high quality dream color led strip light and led neon light.

Hanron was founded in 2010, and since then, it has cultivated a team of more than 100 people, including 10 technical engineers and 20 sales engineers. A quality management system has been passed by our company as ISO9001: 2015, and most of our products are in compliance with a wide range of certifications, including ETL, BIS, CE, RoHS, Reach, LVD, TUV CB, IECEE, TER, LM80, and Waterproof IP ratings.

In the last few years, their company has been developing and investing in addressable led strip lights and pixel led strips, and they have developed and invested in over 500 types of products, including popular items such as the WS2811, WS2812B, WS2815, and Sk6812 led strips. There are also engineering-specific products (DMX512 led strip lights, LED pixel screens, and breakpoint resumes) and custom products as well.

2, ledpixellight





Founded in 2004, Shenzhen Xinhe Lighting Optoelectornics Co.,Ltd has been engaged in the LED industry for 12 years. Our main products are LED Pixel Lights, LED Linear Lights and LED Power Supplies.

Among the companies in their company group, theyhave one LED pixel production base, one main production base, one chip packing factory, one LED power supply factory; the factory size is 6000m2, there are three factories, the office size is over 800m2, the registered capital is ten million rmb.

There are a number of main products they offer, including: LED Modules, LED Pixel Lights for advertising light, LED Flood Light, LED Wall Washer, LED Linear Light, LED Strips, LED Controllers, LED Power Supply.

3, txnledlighting






TXN LED Lighting Co., Ltd is an innovative enterprise which concentrates on designing,  manufacturing, marketing and branding of high-end LED business lighting, we focus on developing LED Flexible Strips,  LED Flexible Neon Lights, LED Aluminum Profile for strips and LED Linear Light Systems. With automatic SMT machines, and inspired engineers and trained technicians, we keep developing high quality, customized, high efficiency and safe LED Solutions, OEM and ODM LED products and services for our customers.

4, shiji-led






In 2010, Shenzhen Shiji Lighting Co., Ltd. was founded, and since then, their company has developed a brand of its own, SHIJILIGHTING. Their company specializes in the research and development of a variety of LED lighting products. They have a well-rounded sales team consisting of members aged from 20 to 45. their senior staff has worked with companies all over the world and has an in-depth understanding of the differing needs of clients from around the world.

They have equipped their factory with the most advanced automated machines and devices needed for the production of LED lighting products at Shijilighting. In addition to addressable LED strips, programable LED bars, digital LED pixels, LED modules for channel letters, LED controllers, and so on, we also manufacture a variety of LED products. They always do their best to meet the demands of different markets and usage situations.

5, sdiplight





Located in Dongguan City, Dongguan SDIP Light Co. Ltd. is one of the most well-known manufacturers of full-color LED strip lights in Guangdong. Providing innovative technological solutions through R&D, production, and sales services for LED full-color series lighting products is at the heart of our innovative technological solutions.

The company has combined the best of both worlds when it comes to research and development. By leveraging their vast, expansive customer base and extensive on-site construction experience, they identify dynamic industry pain points and customize innovative optoelectronic solutions to match today’s industry trends.

They have built strong partnerships with top IC companies, big thinkers, and tech enthusiasts in their quest to master technology and innovate. By doing so, they are able to fully utilize the potential of our lighting technologies.