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Best 5 Pearl Necklaces suppliers from China 2022

You may have noticed pearl jewelry making a comeback on the street or in your social media feeds—whether it be statement earrings or necklaces. And you’re certainly onto something when it comes to pearl jewelry.

The fact of the matter is that pearl jewelry is becoming increasingly popular this year, both on the runways and in top influencers’ outfits.

It is no secret that these gorgeous gemstones are already a top trend, and it is expected that they will only become more popular in the future.

Pearls – what exactly are they?

Firstly, let’s clear up one thing before we get ahead of ourselves; what exactly is a pearl, and how do you identify one?

The pearl is a unique gemstone that can be found in neither the earth nor the sea like the other gemstones. Instead, they are found in sea creatures called mollusks.

There are now a number of processes (such as culturing) that make pearls more widely available to people. This way, more and more people can enjoy their beauty without having to rely exclusively on the unpredictability of nature.

Pearl necklaces: when should you wear them?

It is customary for women to wear pearls during the evenings or at formal occasions, where larger pearls, or pearls set in a diamond earring, are all the rage. The larger pearls in a dramatic setting will make a wonderful addition to a cocktail dress or small formal outfit.

Below are the best 5 Pearl Necklaces suppliers from China 2022:

1, Absolute-pearl Pearl Necklaces







ABSOLUTE PEARL, the perfect combination of fashion design and source suppliers, gives every woman the ability to have the royal gorgeous temperament.

It’s essential for every woman to wear classic, fashionable, and high quality pearls. Each pearl is handpicked in the right spot by a high fashion consultant and jewelry designer with 30 years of experience. You will shine the brightest and make the most of any occasion with our jewelry, matching your fashionable outfit perfectly. Besides jewelry, we also provide stylish fashion matches.

Aside from providing pearls to international fine jewelry brands, ABSOLUTE PEARL also selects AAA-AAAA quality pearls directly from the pearl farms in the world’s six most famous pearl origin nations, ensuring that quality will remain stable while also offering entry-level to collection-level fine jewelry at affordable prices. A total of 20 countries and 100 cities around the world sell ABSOLUTE PEARL products.

2, Nakoajewelry





Handcrafted high quality Koa Wood rings with a combination of tungsten, titanium, silver, and 14K gold inlay will remind you of the gentle breezes and enchanting beauty of Hawaii’s natural beauty.

The website offers the best quality custom-made gold and silver Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry, as well as island-inspired designs for wholesale and retail purchases, and all website orders will be shipped expediently within one working day once received.

3, culturesse





A fashion accessory brand that was inspired by women, high fashion, creative styling, and jewellery craftsmanship from around the globe, Culturesse is based in Australia. For your Culturesse experience, we celebrate your individuality, give you styling inspiration from the latest jewellery trends, encourage you to express your daring side through accessorizing, and provide exceptional customer service that surpasses your expectations.

4, pearlsonly




With PearlsOnly, shoppers can access top quality pearls direct from the internet, which are difficult to find in even the finest retail shows. With the power of the internet, advanced technology, and direct marketing, they have become the market leader in the pearl industry by combining the beauty of pearls with the power of the internet.

In 2003, PearlsOnly launched its first e-commerce site, which revolutionized the pearl industry. It offered amazing pearls at incredible prices for over 19 years. As a result of its success and the demand from European and Australian customers, they expanded into Europe and Australia in 2005. With Pearl purchasing centers in Kobe, Japan and Beijing, China, they have built a strong Asia presence. They are able to buy from Chinese freshwater farmers and Japanese pearl processors directly because of the Asian presence. This investment allows them to source the world’s most beautiful freshwater and Japanese Akoya pearls at great prices by bypassing regular buying channels.

5, itismint





It Is Mint is a NYC-based jewelry brand with a limited collection of emerging designers. This store offers unique collections of fine jewelry and handcrafted products to its customers. A wide variety of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and more are offered by talented designers, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

As a company, they are committed to providing their customers with valuable products, and that is what drives them to do everything possible. In order to accomplish this, they make their products more sustainable, they build a creative and diverse team, and they make a positive impact in communities where they live and work by creating unique design products.