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Best 5 Multilayer PCB Manufacturers from China

A multilayer PCB is a printed circuit board with three or more layers. The Multilayer PCB has not less than three layers of conductive material. There are insulation layers within each PCB copper layer, and by counting these, you get to know the number of PCB layers. Multiplayer PCBs provide a higher capacity of service to users and high-speed functions and are built by joining the layers and materials at high temperatures and pressure. It is done this way to remove trapped air particles between the layers. Generally, resin and adhesive materials are used to stick the components of different layers.

The biggest advantage of using Multilayer PCB is its small size. Due to the smaller layered design, it is easier for modern electronics where space means a lot. The small size also makes the PCB lightweight, and there is always quality output. You will find that multilayer PCBs are more durable and they also increase flexibility and facilitate mild bending and flexing. However, there it is limited to a smaller number of layers. It also needs a single connection point, and you don’t need to spend on multiple connection points. It helps in good product design due to the minimum size and weight of the components. However, only manufacturers know to use quality materials, and a skilled workforce can manufacture high-quality PCBs.

Below are the best 5 Multilayer PCB manufacturers from China.

1. Shenzhen Unite Multilayer Circuit Board Co., Ltd

Unite multilayer PCB company’s current monthly production capacity is 9,000 square meters, of which 5,000 are small batches, including some special materials and ultra-high requirements Special material board. Mass production boards range from double-sided boards to 60-layer boards, and product types include ordinary boards, medium, and high Tg printed circuit boards, heavy copper PCBs, high-frequency PCB boards, ultra-thin and ultra-thick PCB boards, halogen-free boards, etc.



PCBGOGO highly specializes not only in quick-turn PCB prototype and PCB assembly but also in medium and small volume PCB fabrication. We have three factories, established over 17,000 square meters. Fully compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems, UL certified and committed to adhering to the strictest standards in manufacture and assembly.

3. Amitron Corporation

Amitron has provided high quality printed circuit boards with remarkable speed and customer service. As one of the largest and most experienced printed circuit board manufacturers around, we take great pride in delivering world-class products and customer service. Our high-quality multilayer, double-sided and single sided PCB are supported by a dedicated staff with experience in all aspects of the PCB industry.


4. PCBCart

PCBCart is a professional PCB production service provider with more than 10 years of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry. We’ve manufactured printed circuit boards for more than 10,000 companies and over 80 countries around the world — some have been with us since our establishment in 2005. Our customer satisfaction rate is around 99%, and we take pride in providing the best service around.


5. Advanced Circuits

As the 3rd Largest printed circuit board manufacturer in the US, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and reliability. Advanced Circuits also offers exclusive services to help our customers with their PCB Projects. Check out our Free PCB Layout Software, PCB Artist, and our Free PCB File Check, FreeDFM. Advanced Circuits wants to make your life easier with our printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly capability.