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Best 5 Medical Caster Wheel Manufacturers from China

A caster wheel is a small and essential assembly that includes the wheel and amount. It is mainly used for maneuvering chairs, carts, racks, and other heavier equipment that rests over it. It is usually used on objects where mobility is of great importance. The Medical Caster Wheels are the most common as patients have to be transported from one area to another within the hospital. In many cases where there is the danger of wheels going freely, central locking casters are needed to stop the load suddenly. In such instances, manufacturers may provide PU Caster wheels to give more strength to the cart or moving chair or bed, especially in a medical center.

Casters are made out of different materials and are custom ordered by clients so they can use them for specific purposes. They are mostly found in places where chemicals are used or where noise and scratches can be a nuisance. In the case of Polyurethane Wheels, there is a better cushioning effect, and it also protects floors and offers superior chemical resistance. The same is the case with Nylon Casters that can withstand corrosion and extreme temperatures, as in factories or laboratories where heat is generated.

It is noteworthy that the main difference between a wheel and a caster is that the wheel is limited to spinning on a single axis. In contrast, the caster is more sophisticated to provide smooth turns in different directions at different velocities.

Below are the best 5 Medical Caster Wheel manufacturers from China. 

1. XinChen Caster Wheels Co

The XinChen is known for its speed, precision and presence. At our Enterprises, those are the same qualities we strive for every day. For more than a quarter of a century, we have built our reputation by producing Caster wheels, Pu wheels and relative injection parts.They are widely used as medical caster wheels,hospital bed caster wheels,trolley caster wheels,cabinet caster wheels and some other home and hospital furniture casters.From concept to manufacturing, our consistent performace and attention to detail is legendary.


2. Faultless Caster

A leader in caster manufacturing since 1889, Faultless Caster has always been moving business forward. Faultless began when Bernard H. Noelting perfected a “faultless” furniture caster in his Nebraska City, Nebraska hardware store. Under his leadership, Faultless moved in 1913 to Evansville, Indiana, to be close to what was, at the time, one of the world’s leading centers for furniture production.


3. MedicalExpo

MedicalExpo is the B2B marketplace in for medical equipment and technology. Browse through hundreds of products or search for a specific item with our advanced search filters. Then, compare, connect, and buy!


4. HUI Manufacturing

HUI is an ISO certified contract manufacturer with expertise in sheet metal fabrication, design engineering, powder coating and assembly. HUI specializes in industrial and medical product fabrication and serves customers nationwide. In the industrial industry, we design and manufacture custom and NEMA-rated enclosures, chassis and complex weldments. For the medical industry, we design and manufacture custom medical carts.


5. Guangzhou YLcaster Metal Co., Ltd

Guangzhou YLcaster Metal Co., Ltd. is the most famous casters & hand trolley manufacturer, supplier and exporter in China. Covering an area of 35,000 square meters, located in Yangjiang city, Guangdong province with more than 20 experts and about 250 workers engaging in innovation, creation and production.