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Best 5 Li-Ion Storage Battery Manufacturers 2022

What is a lithium-ion Battery?

A lithium-ion battery is a rechargeable battery that is used commonly in most portable electronic devices and electric vehicles. It is also being used in various other applications including that aerospace and military. The lithium-ion battery is slowly replacing the lead battery due to increasing efficiency and consistent power supply. Unlike the lead-acid battery which takes at least 10 hours for charging the Li-Ion Storage Battery can complete a full charge within a few minutes to 3 hours depending upon the size of the battery. It means a faster-charging speed that makes certain devices easy to operate without interruptions as there is always consistent battery power to rely upon.

Lithium-ion batteries enable forklift operation with ease as they are high-performance batteries that can work 24 hours a day. Again, they do not require cooling down and eliminate the need for battery swaps. Further, lithium batteries do not need a lot of storage space and are virtually maintenance-free.
It is seen that the Power Lithium Battery offers 40% longer run time than other batteries and they are stated to leave only half the carbon footprint of other batteries. They are pretty safe and you can avoid the dangers of harmful gases and acids.

Global Li-ion Batteries Overview

Although there are several Lithium-ion battery manufacturers only a few are reliable when it comes to performance. The brand Allith has become one of the top suppliers of lithium Ion batteries worldwide and offers one of the best after-sales services to its customers.
The main products of the company are power battery packs, BMS battery management systems, energy storage battery packs, etc at very competitive prices. The company based in China has advanced production equipment and uses cutting-edge technologies for developing more efficient batteries than anywhere else in the world.

Here are the best 5 Li-Ion Storage Battery manufacturers 2022 below:

1. huajiepower






Donguan Huajiedong Technology Co., Ltd. (Brand:Allith) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production, sales and after-sales service of new lithium-ion batteries.

The main products are power battery packs, BMS battery management systems, energy storage battery packs, wind and solar hybrid off-grid/grid-connected energy storage power supply systems and solutions etc. It adopts the most advanced domestic production equipment and realizes a high degree of automation and intelligence through a reasonable layout. The annual output can reach 800 million watt-hours.

Allith Adheres to the concept of using new energy technology to benefit mankind, and is committed to making new energy more reliable, safe and intelligent, and to practice the common goal of sustainable development for all mankind. Allith will base itself on the domestic market, look at the global development policy, and strive to become the most influential lithium battery brand in the world.

2. huajiepower






For over 20 years, the team at NuEnergy has specialized in cutting-edge rechargeable technology. They have developed direct relationships with the largest Asian battery cell manufacturers to bring their customers top quality products and services.

NuEnergy is one of the world’s leading suppliers of various high performance lithium-ion batteries and energy storage technologies. Lithium-ion batteries as a power source are dominating in portable electronics, penetrating the EV market, and on the verge of entering the utility market for grid-energy storage.

3. ionstoragesystems






a carefully cultivated team of seasoned battery industry geeks who know inside and out how batteries have always been made.

re-imagined not just how batteries are made but what makes them. They merged two technologies that no one’s merged before and the results are a battery that’s simply remarkable. They make sure your batteries are safer and stronger.

4. lithiumstoragebattery







LITHIUM STORAGE is a lithium technology provider. The factory have successively passed the authoritative quality management system certification such as ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001 and ISO45001, and products have received international certifications such as MSDS, UN38.3,UL, IEC62619, JET and BIS. LITHIUM STORAGE focuses on to deliver lithium ion battery, lithium ion battery module and lithium based battery system with BMS and control units for both electric mobility and energy storage system application, including standard products and customized products. Most of their patents, battery technology and power integrations are based on LFP/NCM chemistry prismatic of Lithium Ion Batteries. LITHIUM STORAGE is led by an innovative and professional R&D and operation team with abundant projects and industrial experience in the lithium battery field. All these advantages make LITHIUM STORAGE to be an outstanding power solution and lithium technology provider.

5. dragonflyenergy








Dragonfly Energy is an industry-leading manufacturer of deep cycle lithium-ion batteries and is spearheading conventional and solid-state lithium-ion battery research and development worldwide. Sold under the Battle Born Batteries brand, Dragonfly’s products are used for powering and charging devices and appliances, low-density mobility, high grade energy storage, and are ideally suited for applications where stability, longevity, and safety are a priority.