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Best 5 Jewelry Display Providers in 2023

In the jewelry making supplies industry, the presentation of goods has a significant influence on the purchase decision. A jewellery display is the ideal frame to efficiently display precious jewellery in a way that is both attractive and informative. Displays can be placed on a counter or safely protected in a glass display case – a display can be used in many different ways and can be placed in a way that is most effective for the given space.

Jewellery display – variety of materials

It is possible to make the jewelry display in a wide range of materials, such as wood, acrylic glass, glass, or plastic. Individual combinations of these materials are also available. A high-gloss varnish and a high-grade imitation leather or textile cover on the jewellery display gives the displays a sophisticated finish.

Jewelry displays typically consist of a number of elements that can be arranged individually to present the jewellery. Necklaces and pendants can be displayed stand-up, earrings can be displayed with integrated presentation cards, watches, bracelets and rings can be displayed on matching pedestals – the possibilities are practically limitless. A special ring display for wedding rings and ring collections offers sufficient space for the presentation of the rings and show them off in the best light.

Below are the best 5 Jewelry Display Providers in 2023

1, Pandahall





The company offers jade, silver, pearls, gemstones, lampwork glass, crystals, and more items made in factories around the world. As Squaretrade Verified Sellers, PandaHall offers a wide variety of products including jade, silver, pearls, gemstones, lampwork glass, crystals, and more.

Several PandaHall products management functions are handled by PandaHall’s Logistics Center, which manages PandaHall’s international products. In addition to purchasing, storing, sorting, tallying, distribution, inverting, loading, and shipping.

2, Jewelrydisplay


An immigrant from Cuba who was trying to establish a better life for his family started the business in order to provide for himself and his family. Meyer Oleksnianski was able to stock a small store and open his business in 1982 to provide support to local jewelers with some hard-earned savings as well as some “gentle pushing” by his wife.

It has been through hard work, traveling to numerous trade shows, and constant networking that over the years has built up a loyal customer base that continues to grow today. What started out as a one-man operation has grown into one of the largest wholesale distributors of jewelry displays, boxes, tools, and supplies.

3, Storesupply





Over the past 25 years, Store Supply Warehouse has been serving the retail and small business industries by providing the highest quality store fixtures and supplies. They cater to a wide range of industries, from small businesses to online retailers to boutiques. The website is always here to help you with whatever you need, whether it is retail bags and packaging, clothing racks, hangers, jewelry supplies, display cases, or anything else you need for starting or maintaining your own business.

4, Laval-europe





In LAVAL Europe, you will find a variety of jewellery gift boxes that will suit any taste. Their range includes over 70 different collections (meaning more than 500 individual items) that are available in different materials, colours and finishes to adapt to different styles of jewellery and brand environments. As part of their box collection, they have also developed a matching paper carrier bag collection and a stand-up bag collection to complement them.

5, Zakkacanada





As a Toronto-based company, they provide Canadian retailers with a large selection of display and packaging at the most competitive prices and with the fastest delivery in the industry. Custom made packaging items are welcome. They have been serving local jewelrymakers since 2003 as well as local stores and online sellers.