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Best 5 Graphene Infrared Heater Manufacturers

Graphene Infrared Heater

What is a Graphene Infrared Heater?

A Graphene Infrared Heater is a device that uses Graphene to reduce energy loss during heating and has 99% efficiency in converting electric heat. The material Graphene is thin but strong and flexible and provides the purest far-infrared radiation known to humans. It is a safer and more environmentally-friendly heating method than other available alternatives. It is found that Graphene releases light of 8 to 15 microns which is the same as sunlight. Researchers have also found that the infrared heater uses only 7 watts per square foot of energy compared to other heaters. Indeed it uses 30 to 40% less energy than traditional heaters.

The Graphene heater is also the safest as objects get warmed up due to infrared rays. Again, Graphene is a great thermal conductor, and the heat is 100% safe for human bodies. Graphene’s infrared rays are the exact opposite of UV rays that causes harm to the skin and tissues of the body. Graphene is pretty safe indoors. It is seen that the carbon infrared heaters last about 10,000 hours and quartz heaters about 60,000 hours, and Graphene heaters last for 1,00,000 hours.

what is Graphene

A newer product known as Graphene Heating Film has become one of the most promising heating elements in the electronics industry. Heating films is a method of electric resistance heating that provides low temperatures over large areas. You can install the films directly for floor heating, wall heating, and ceiling heating

Thus, the Graphene heaters are currently the cheapest Heating System available worldwide.

Therefore, heating films replace conventional heating systems and are much sought after due to their ease of installation and hiding the same. The films are also available with different power outputs, and this will depend upon the covered area, desired surface temperature, and required energy for the room.

Below are the best 5 Graphene Infrared Heater Manufacturers.

1, Magmacn Graphene


Zhongshan Magma New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established on July 20, 2020. It integrates the research and development, production and sales of new graphene materials, and wholeheartedly provides domestic and foreign customers with one-stop electric heating solutions and customization of graphene electric heating products. With national high-tech, more than 20 independent intellectual property rights, graphene core patents, graphene electric heating products with heating temperature above 800 ℃, filling the gap of high-temperature products in the industry, and currently in a leading position (invention patent number: CN201710692186.5).

The company is committed to personalized “temperature” demands. Developed a full range of graphene products from low temperature, medium temperature to 800°C high temperature, which saves more than 30% energy than traditional electric heating products, meets ROHS, REACH, FDA and other environmental protection and food and drug safety requirements, LFGB, etc. Our products are widely used in health physiotherapy, aerospace, military equipment, wind power, food processing and many other industries (some of our core customers include Xiaomi, Galanz, Airmate, Gree, Nader, HP, Fan and other home appliance brands.)

2. Graphene-Info


Graphene-Info has been the leading global portal for the graphene industry since 2009. Based on our extensive knowledge centers and industry connections, we offer a variety of services to the graphene market.

Graphene is the strongest, thinnest, and most conductive material known to man. With such remarkable properties, it’s no wonder that graphene enables exciting new applications in electronics, energy, medicine, aerospace and many more markets.

3. Graphene Star


Graphene Star Ltd is a UK manufacturing company producing high purity graphene and high quality graphene products.

Our manufacturing process is innovative, efficient, minimal waste and completely environmentally friendly. It is also cost-effective, allowing us to produce very high-quality graphene materials at affordable prices.

Our expertise and continuous scientific research allow us to develop a variety of graphene applications to meet the specific needs of our customers.

If you wish to improve product performance, please contact us for more information.

4. Graphenemg


GMG is a clean technology focused company that provides energy efficient products and solutions as well as energy storage products made from in-house manufactured graphene through a proprietary production process. In 2017 and 2018, GMG developed and demonstrated its proprietary production process to produce GMG graphene from natural gas (methane) rather than mined graphite. The process produces high-quality, low-input cost, scalable, tunable, and low-pollution graphene suitable for cleantech applications. While GMG graphene may be applicable to a wide range of industries, GMG’s initial focus has been on applications for developing energy saving and energy storage solutions.

In energy storage, GMG and the University of Queensland are collaborating with financial support from the Australian Government to advance research and development and ultimately explore the commercialisation of GMG’s graphene-aluminium-ion batteries. Aluminum-ion batteries have the potential for better energy density than lithium-ion batteries. Graphene aluminum-ion batteries can eliminate many of the disadvantages of lithium batteries, including the risk of overheating/fire and performance degradation. Management believes that successful commercialization of graphene-aluminum-ion batteries will result in superior alternatives to lithium batteries in targeted applications.

In the energy saving area, GMG focuses on graphene-enhanced heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) coatings, lubricants and fluids. GMG and its customers have successfully demonstrated HVAC coating projects to improve the efficiency of space cooling (air conditioning) and cooling units for customers. In addition, GMG is developing lubricants designed to reduce engine friction. Both of these offer customers a reduction in air conditioning energy costs.



The company has a robust manufacturing platform based on a captive supply of high-purity raw materials and an established 100 t/y graphene production capacity.

Commercial applications in composites, elastomers, flame retardancy, construction and energy storage are currently in progress.

First Graphene Ltd. is publicly traded in Australia (ASX:FGR) and has a primary manufacturing facility in Henderson, near Perth, Washington. The company was recently registered in the UK as First Graphene (UK) Ltd. and is a Tier 1 partner of the Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre (GEIC) in Manchester, UK.

First Graphene is a leading graphene supplier for the manufacture of high-quality graphene products on a commercial scale. It is available in large quantities at a competitive price due to the following reasons:

  • Efficient production process
  • Safe source of high-quality raw materials
  • High-capacity manufacturing plant with proprietary technology