Best 5 Food Packaging Machine Manufacturers 2022

The packing of food comes in various types depending on the type of food being packed. Various food packaging machines are used to pack these food materials. The packing styles also differ depending on the storage life of the food.

Vacuum packing is the best option for food that is highly perishable, such as fresh foods and frozen foods. It uses a different kind of food packaging machines.

The following types of food packaging machines are available:

Machine for packaging biscuits

The biscuit packaging machine is another type of food packaging equipment. It is often fitted with a temperature controller to maintain a precise temperature during packing.

This machine helps to bring optimum freshness to the food. The most interesting aspect of it is that it is designed to keep track of the amount of items packed by the machine by its automatic feed counter that tells the amount of items packed by the machine. Consequently, it is easier for food manufacturing companies to monitor the output of their factories on a daily basis.

Vacuum packaging machine for food:

Due to the fact that it does not allow air into the package, food remains fresh longer. Aerobic microorganisms are responsible for swift degradation of food, therefore, they cannot thrive in this environment.

Vacuum packaging helps extend the shelf life of food products, which makes them suitable for sale in freezers or cold display cases of several retail stores.

Machine for bagging

Many food processing factories in China use this bagging machine. In this case, food is packed in bags, sacks, and pouches. Cereals and powdered foods such as milk powder and sugar are commonly packed in this machine.

Bundling Food Packaging Equipment

Bundling Food Packaging Equipment is common, and many food suppliers use it for the storage and packaging of large quantities of food before it is packaged or bundled.

The banding machine is also referred to as the banding machine. It is also used to bundle small items for packaging purposes such as stick candies or hotdogs that must be bundled together for a variety of reasons, such as cost.

Machines for capping

It is a common practice among food equipment suppliers to use capping machines in conjunction with other food packaging equipment for the packaging of syrups and drinks.

This equipment is used in soda-manufacturing companies to close bottles of food by applying air-tight caps.

Machines for closing

Closing machines are also common in many food factories. They enclose food bags or pouches by tying metal wires.

Machines for accumulating

Capping machines are used in soda and bottled water companies to allow systematic and organized filling of the bottles. The accumulation machinery allows bottles to be aligned properly for systematic and organized filling.

A variety of food packaging machines are available today. It is very important to ensure that when you are purchasing one of these machines that it is tailored to the type of food that is being packed so that you can ensure that the products are of the best quality and will last for a long time.

Below are the  best  5 food packaging machine manufacturers 2022:

1, Joygoalmachine


Joygoal manufactures high quality food processing and packing machines, such as spout pouch filling and capping machines, cup filling and sealing machines, coffee capsule filling and sealing machines, etc. Professional experience in manufacturing food packaging machinery for more than 17 years. With over 60 engineers and 5 departments, Joygoal is able to design, research, develop, produce, sell, and provide after-sales service simultaneously.


2, food-packaging-machine





Website: is China’s largest online food packaging machine B2B marketplace. For food packaging machine manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and exporters, you can post your products to get more buyers; For food packaging buyers, importer, you can post your requirements to get more quotes from their manufacturers. contributes to help China’s food packaging machine manufacturers sell their products to worldwide.

3, hupsheng









Hup Sheng Machinery & Industry Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1985, specialized in design and fabrication of snack food processing and packaging machines. Their snack food processing machinery is designed to produce popular snack products including prawn crackers, potato chips, peanuts, cheese rings etc. Apart from that, they have food processing machinery such as Dryer, Multi Purpose Frying Machine, Mixer etc. In addition, they also manufacture a wide range of Form-Fill-Seal packaging machines as well as auger filler which is suitable for various types of products and different bag sizes packing needs.

4, easypack







Easy Pack was established in 1991. Today, they have grown their business to become a leading packaging machine manufacturer and supplier in the global Food Packaging Industry.

Easy Pack is a vertically integrated company that works with cross-industry clients to innovate everything from flexible film printing, to food packing and bottle filling production line developments. Because of their team’s vast cross-industry experiences, their expertise spans across commercial food grade packaging (coffee, tea, snacks, biscuits, coffee beans, and sauces) to bottle filling (drinking water, vitamin drinks, and personal care products), detergent packing, and oil packaging machines. Their Engineering & Design teams have also worked extensively to innovate filling and sealing machines, making Easy Pack a packaging expert in sachets, stick packaging, triangle packing, pillow packets, gusset and pouch bags, as well as die-cut-shaped packaging.

5, amisyfoodmachine





Being a quality-oriented organization ,they strictly adhere to quality standards and achieve total excellence in their range of machinery.Their experienced quality controllers hand-check every machine using advanced testing facilities and ensure all the machines complies with the international quality standards .Their advanced technology and engineering excellence have enabled them to cater to the needs of their esteemed clients.







Shandong Kangbeite Packaging Machinery CO., LTD. is one of the bellwether in packaging industry in China domestic market.

Kangbeite Machinery company and their products own certifications of : ISO9001, ISO14001, CE. Based on the market needs, they have developed a whole series of automatic & semi-auto packaging machines that integrate all the functions in the package of products, which resulted in highest packing efficiency, labor cost saving and better product presentations, they help their users make their packages look more professional and meet the needs of market.