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Best 5 Fashion Design Trend Predictions Websites

What drives new trends in fashion? What factors affect them? Read on for a look at a branch of fashion that anticipates future trends in fashion.

What Are Fashion Trends?

During a particular period of time, fashion trends are the most popular styles of clothing and accessories. Microtrends, such as tiny sunglasses and high-waisted jeans, cycle in and out of fashion in a matter of months. More than the latest fashion designs, macro trends change over a longer period of time and are more dependent on lifestyle and demographic changes.

What Is Trend Forecasting in Fashion?

The field of trend forecasting is concerned with predicting a market’s future based on data from past sales. Trend forecasters work across all industries. As a result, fashion forecasting refers to predicting upcoming trends in fashion—colors, styling techniques, fabrics, and more—that will inspire consumers to buy them. To create new clothes and accessories for brands, fashion forecasters produce trend reports.

Best 5 Fashion Design Trend Predictions Websites

1, Popfashioninfo





POP Fashion is a fashion trend information platform of Yishang Yunlian Group (founded in 2004, the first publicly traded company providing internet fashion design supply chain). It is the industry’s pioneer to achieve O2O mode. In addition to providing accurate direction decision references, they offer comprehensive and in-depth resources that are easily applicable. POP Fashion official website (nine sections and four categories) and books (five series) are dedicated to building a fashion research and study network focused on trends, styles, and fabrics.

2, Wgsn





WGSN is the world’s leading supplier of forecasts for consumer trends in the global market. They publish accurate forecasts, curate curated data, and provide industry expertise to help their clients gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and lifestyles, create products with confidence, and trade at an optimum time.

3, Trendzoom





It forecasts fashion trends for men and women and covers apparel and accessories. TRENDZOOM is a London-based company.

During each season, these reports provide images, sketches, and descriptions of trending fashion. Each report also predicts color, design, concept, and fashion trends.

Besides sharing in-depth reports, TrendZoom provides a frequent newsletter and a gallery of street style fashion images.

4, Glamour





Glamor, which is a part of the Condé Nast family of magazines, focuses on fashion, beauty, entertainment, wellness, and culture for women.

In Glamour’s fashion section, you will find the latest trends in fashion, outfit inspirations, celebrity styles, and other fashion stuff that we have handpicked for you.

It has a dedicated section dedicated to plus-size fashion on its website. Among the four newsletters, there is one that focuses on beauty and one that focuses on shopping.

5, Vogue




In the world of fashion, Vogue is no secret to anyone who has a passing interest in the topic. The renowned magazine has an estimated 8 million monthly subscribers alone in the United States.

You probably already know that the Vogue website also features plenty of articles and reports about the latest fashion trends. From street style photos to celebrity style, you can find a ton of inspirations for your outfits on the Vogue website.