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Best 5 Electric Wearable Breast Pumps 2021

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Do you need a breast pump?

Since everyone’s situation is unique, when deciding whether to buy a breast pump, you need to consider your lifestyle, employment, feeding preferences, and when you plan to breastfeed. For example, if you plan to go out to work and continue breastfeeding after your baby is born, then a good breast pump is essential. However, if you want to spend most of your time with your baby, it may not be that important.

If the following situations occur, we recommend that you use a pump:

  • You plan to stay away from the baby regularly, for example because of work, or stay away from the baby for a long time, such as traveling.
  • You want to maintain a supply of breast milk, either because your baby cannot or will not breastfeed, or you are dealing with a disease or medicine that is not suitable for breastfeeding.
  • You are dealing with undersupply or overcrowding.
  • You prefer to feed the milk expressed by the baby.

Keep in mind that many health insurance plans now cover breast pump costs for breastfeeding parents. Be sure to call your health insurance company to ask about your specific benefits and what you need to do to get a free pump.

Closed system VS open system breast pump

When you buy a breast pump, you must first consider whether you need a closed system or an open system. “Closed system” and “open system” are not formal medical terms, so brands may use them in different ways. If you see this term in the product description, be sure to understand the meaning of the term, this is very important!

The closed system breast pump is a breast pump with a barrier to prevent spilled milk from leaking into the breast pump system. This helps to maintain the sanitation of the entire system. No system can be completely shut down because the pumping action requires some air to flow in and out. But a truly closed system will be as close as possible.

The open system breast pump does not have this obstacle.

You may come across used breast pumps on the market. (After all, most breastfeeding American mothers also use breast pumps.) Although bargaining is tempting, some parts of the breast pump cannot clean breast milk well once they come into contact with other women’s breast pumps.

Because the risk of other people’s milk reaching the pump in an open system is higher, many people avoid buying these types of pumps second-hand.

How do we choose the best breast pump

We asked thousands of real Babylist families about their favorite baby products because their children had arrived, and then picked the top products they shared with us and added our own research and insights. The following are the best 5 breast pumps we think.

1, Joysa Electric Wearable Breast Pump