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Best 5 diaper raw material manufacturers 2022

diaper raw material

How Diapers Are Made?

As a general rule, disposable diapers are made of common materials that have been used in many consumer products for many years. The average diaper weighs between 1.4 and 1.8 ounces and is primarily made of cellulose, polypropylene, polyethylene and a super absorbent polymer, along with tapes, elastics and adhesives. In addition to being lighter, thinner, and more effective, diapers have become more environmentally friendly as a result of advances in each of these materials.

Since disposable diapers became widely available in the 1960s, innovations in materials and diaper construction have improved their performance, fit, and skin comfort. Recent advances have also reduced the environmental impact of diapers.

What are the components of raw material of diaper?

A disposable diaper is made up of cellulose, polypropylene ester high performance absorbent, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, elastomer, and viscose. Many new mothers don’t know much about the various kinds of baby nappies, despite the fact that they are an essential item for babies, making childcare easier.

Different diaper models are suited to different types of babies, such as N, B, S, M, L, and XL, and each model is suitable for a different size of baby. 0-5kg newborn: soft and dry surface to protect young skin, S small 5-8kg: young baby size for complete comfort, M medium 7-11kg: thin and snug fit for active crawlers, L large 10-14kg: slimmer crotch to reduce spillage, XL large 13kg+: high waist design for active babies.

The diaper raw material is mostly made up of the following parts

A. Outer wrapping layer

Most of the best-selling nappies in the supermarkets today are nonwoven, so babies don’t feel too irritated when they wear them, and they are soft, friendly and comfortable.

B. Absorbent core layer

The main absorbent layer is the one that uses its capillary force to disperse the baby’s urine across the entire surface, facilitating rapid absorption, dispersal, and eventual storage of urine. Nappies we usually see in major stores typically have laminated cores that are made from highly absorbent resin and pure wood pulp.

C. Backing fabric

As a result of the price factor, domestic diaper bottoms are mostly composed of breathable polyethylene film containing high molecular organic compounds, while abroad non-woven nappies have become popular because they are more comfortable and softer.

The difference between raw material of diaper and nappy

A: Diapers and nappies: the difference in appearance

In the same way as adult pants, diapers can be held in place across the sides so that urine can be absorbed as quickly as possible.

A nappy is like a sanitary napkin, but it doesn’t have the fasteners that hold it in place across the span of a diaper. Although nappies are convenient and easy to use, they can also cause some problems due to a lack of proper scientific skills in utilizing them, so mothers should read the steps to use them correctly in order to prevent their babies from becoming ill.

B: Differences in function

The outer wrapping layer of nappies allows urine to seep quickly into the inner layer and prevents leakage back, making them comfortable and popular with babies. This product can be easily attached to the baby’s body and is secured with sticky fasteners, unlike nappies, which are attached directly to the baby’s body and tend to fall off.

It should be noted that nappies and diapers are not the same supplies, but their differences are not particularly obvious. Therefore, for the sake of the health of babies, mothers should take the time to read instructions as well as precautions carefully. Only when used correctly will babies grow up in a healthy way.

Below are the Best 5 diaper raw material manufacturers 2022.

1, diapernonwoven







JUHUA,is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers, engaged in raw materials of hygiene products for decades.With more than 10 years of experience, they have served clients from different hygiene product manufacturing fields who manufacture baby care products,feminine care products ,adult incontinence care products .

JUHUA can provide non woven fabrics,PE film back sheets, lamination back sheets, frontal tape and side tape,SAP,tissue,hot melt glue, easy tape and other raw materials for the disposable hygiene product manufacturing industry.

2, favouritehub






Favourite Fab is a Leading Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer & Exporter. They are the Biggest Non Woven Industry with New Age Technology Manufacturing Unit with World Class Certifications.

3, globomach







Globomach’s foremost presence in the Indian market is for disposable hygiene industry. It offers raw materials and machinery for the manufacturing of baby diapers, adult diapers, sanitary napkins and hospital underpads. GloboMach also offers business development consultancy & feasibility study for the disposable hygiene industry.

4, fjxingyuan


Fujian Xingyuan is a professional supplier of baby diapers raw materials, adult diapers raw materials, under pads raw materials, sanitary napkin raw materials Manufacturers in quanzhou city, fujian province, China.Until now they has 18 years of experience.

With high quality products, excellent service and a good reputation, they have won great support from customers around the world. Thus, their company scale has expanded.

At present, they export products to Russia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Mauritius, myanmar, Albania, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Poland,USA , Morocco, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, uzbekistan, Indonesia, Ghana, kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Libya,Korea,Cameroon,Uganda,Thailand…

5, agarwaltechnoplast






They are Manufacturer and Exporter of international quality of Poly Film, Bubble Wrap, Stretch Film, Air Bubble Pouch, Agriculture Film, Napkin Film, Insulation Product, Aluminum Foil, Bubble Bag and much more. The provided products are processed using excellent grade basic material and sophisticated technology. These products are highly applauded for unmatched quality, moisture proof, high tear strength, long span life, easy usage, UV resistance.