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Best 5 Custom Watchband Suppliers 2022

There is no doubt that the strap is one of the most important parts of a watch. It is the fixed part of the watch that is attached to the wrist. The strap is the standard for evaluating whether the watch is comfortable because it is the part that directly contacts the human body. A watch’s comfort level is strongly influenced by the strap’s material.

It is the most significant advantage of leather straps that they are skin-friendly. Therefore, when it comes to wearing comfort, leather straps are much more comfortable, especially during the colder months of autumn and winter. It is more likely that leather straps will not damage clothing and skin than straps made of other materials. Apart from the material itself, leather straps give people a sense of elegance as well as restraint. In daily life, it is more suitable for formal occasions, giving the viewer a feeling of formality, whereas in business, it is more appropriate.

There are two options for customizing the strap of the watch. Usually, some larger brands of watches will offer this service. You can choose the customized service when you purchase the watch, or you can go to a watch shop after the purchase of the watch to customize the strap. Whenever you are customizing a strap, you should know the size of your wrist in order to determine how long it should be so that it will fit your wrist properly. Moreover, it is best to use a hand-crafted strap since the details will be more accurate.

Below are the best 5 Custom Watchband Suppliers 2022:

1, customhu




As a manufacturer of luxury leather watch straps, with many years of experience, they combine design and production into one, using leathers such as alligator, ostrich, lizard, calfskin, shark, snake, pearl fish, and so on.

The majority of their straps are suitable for Swiss watches and can be supplied wholesale or retail. In addition, they can also provide customized straps (unlimited quantity) if necessary.

The use of quality leather and craftsmanship in all of their products is the foundation and inspiration for Their luxury accessories. The highest quality natural leathers are handcrafted using the world’s most advanced tanneries in South America and Europe to create their iconic and timeless pieces. Natural leathers create a unique look, texture and olfactory experience with each piece.

There are breeders who care for the crocodiles, lizards, sharks and hides, and all of these animals are bred in captivity under their care and are not easily damaged. It is made up of the thorax and belly on either side of the spine of the crocodile, and it is neither too hard for comfort nor too soft for ruining the overall appearance. The making of alligator leather straps requires a great deal of effort, not only in terms of materials but also in terms of manufacturing techniques. These straps are typically handcrafted and sewn by experienced masters. Since alligator leather straps are made with the heart and soul of the manufacturer, they are expensive and require a significant amount of capital in order to be made.

2, daydaywatchband






DAYDAY watchband is a company that creates handcrafted leather watch bands. Specialize in 100% truly hand-made, custom watch straps.

Each of their leather watch straps, from start to finish, is individually handmade and customized to the exact specifications of your watch’s lug to lug span, lug width, wrist size, preferred material, and color, all of which are determined by your watch’s lug to lug span, lug width, and preferred material. It is their pride and joy to make your wrist stand out for many years to come. Their custom watch bands are crafted one-by-one just for you, and to your exact specifications. All of their watch bands are produced by experienced and senior artisans. It does take 1-2 weeks for the custom watch straps to be completed, but they assure you that all of the handmade watch bands are worth the wait in the end.

3, thestrapsmith





Their watch straps are hand crafted from the finest leathers and other high-quality materials and are built to last.





JOYA WATCH CO., LTD was founded in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province (Canton), Southeast of China, by a couple with a passion for fashion. Their company specializes in the manufacture of silicone rubber watch bands, PU watch bands, leather watch straps, stainless steel watch bands, NATO straps, and so on. Since 2010, JOYA Watch has been committed to supplying watch bands to China and aiming to become the world’s best watch band supplier.

Their products are universally accepted by customers from Europe, North America, Asia and other parts of the world because of their strict quality control, creative engineer team and efficient production management. Their stable quality, flawless craftwork technique, excellent customer support, and competitive prices have earned their customers’ trust.






As a part of the TBL group, Shenzhen Timebalife Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 and is located in the city of Shenzhen. They are a manufacturer of watches exports with a 9-year experience.

As a company with the operation principle of ‘Integrity, Innovation, Practical, Efficient’, Timebalife strives to make quality first and commitment as the soul of its business. In addition to producing alloy watches, stainless steel watches, silicone watches, and plastic watches, Timebalife also produces high quality watch dials and gift boxes.

Due to their rich experience in producing watches, strict quality control system, and perfect after-sales service, their products are exported overseas, especially to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and other countries with developed economies.