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Best 5 Custom Watch Strap Suppliers 2022

What is a Custom Watch Strap?

A Custom watch strap is a leather band to help tie the watch around the wrist and the same is designed as per the needs of the customer. Customized watches are in huge demand due to the variety they offer and also because of their suitability and attractiveness as they cater to each taste and preference. They are not stereotyped watches when worn on the wrists and the most preferred Custom watchband is always made out of the skins of exotic animal species.

Only very few online stores are in a position to cater to such huge demands and that too of premium quality makes within the scheduled time. The production of handmade straps is customized according to your choices, length, width, stitching patterns, type of buckle, the shape of the holes, color, animal skin, etc. The Custom alligator leather strap is currently one of the most sought-after animal skin bands on the market.

Among the preferred exotic animal hides include crocodiles, sharks, snakes, ostrich, pearl fish, lizards, calfskin, etc, which enhance the personality and prestige of the owner of the watch strap.


Global Overview of Watch Straps

The global demand for the exotic range of watch straps is rising with more customers preferring the Custom strap for their watches due to their uniqueness and rarity. They also look neat, and elegant, exude high-class pomp, and therefore are also highly priced. Again, only a few companies can supply these watch straps at lower prices than other international competitors.

These companies can sell high-quality exotic Custom leather strap because of their bases in low-cost countries, especially China. The leather straps of animals make sense as these companies farm the animals and raise them under CITES Convention. The farm is especially under the control of wildlife authorities and the extraction of hides is generally a painless process.

Here are 5 custom watch strap suppliers 2022 below:

1, customhu






They have many years of experience in making luxury leather watch straps, including design and production in one, with precious leathers such as alligator, ostrich, lizard, calfskin, shark, snake, pearl fish and so on.

Most of their straps are suitable for Swiss watches and can be sold wholesale or retail. They can also customize (unlimited quantity).

The use of quality leather and craftsmanship in all of our products is the foundation and inspiration for our luxury accessories. Sourced from the world’s most advanced tanneries in South America and Europe to create our iconic and timeless pieces. Premium natural leathers give our products a different look, texture and olfactory experience.

2, bespokestraps





Turn your watch into a one of a kind timepiece. Select from unique materials in a wide array of colors and stitching choices. Each strap is made to order according to your custom specifications. The intuitive sizing guide helps ensure a perfect fit every time.

They believe that when unwavering vision meets expert craftsmanship, great things tend to happen. From the cutting of the material right down to the stitching, their watch straps are made by hand without the use of machines following time-honored leather making traditions.

3, jean-rousseau





Craftsman Ruishi uses leather in accordance with strict ethical standards.To the international community, Artisan is particularly committed to protecting protected species, fully complying with CITES (Washington Convention) regulations, and strictly following REACH regulations.

In addition to implementing strict internal ethical standards, Craftsman Ruishi refuses to use horse or elephant skins, seal skins, or other wild or domestic animal hides commonly used by the luxury industry. A US agency called Fish & Wild Life supervises and controls the farms where Ruishi obtains his leather, including alligator skin.

To ensure that Craftsman’s values and ethics are upheld, all partners are regularly audited.

4, thestraptailor







The shop strive to bring you only the finest straps made from the worlds finest materials. It largely specialise in Ostrich, French Calfskin, Epsom Calf, Goat skin, Pig Skin and Suede. All of it’s straps are lovingly handmade to ensure it offer the finest quality.

The customers are it’s priority and it always strive for an excellent customer experience.

5, sonawearables







Founded in 1987 as a plating services company, Sona Group has diversified to become India’s leading contract manufacturer of world quality watches, watch straps for well known national & international brands.  Sona supplies leather, steel and ion plated watch bands to leading watchmaking companies across the globe.

Sona Group has gained reputation of being a trustworthy manufacturer of stylish, high-quality and cost-effective range of watches for brand promotions, corporate gifts and lifestyle products. Sona is known for rich customer experience built on efficient service, reliable distribution and on-time delivery.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Sona has manufacturing space of 0.25 million square feet spread across 5 units with full-fledged design and tool making facility in each of the units and employs 600 trained personnel. Sona is a well diversified, financially sound multi-divisional  business conglomerate.