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Best 5 custom license plate frame suppliers

In all honesty, the humble license plate frame is often an afterthought; it’s a disregarded piece of plastic or metal; however, for some drivers, it serves as a tool to express their identity, support various causes, and even advertise businesses. This is where the world of custom license plate frames comes alive.

Breaking the Mold:  OEM and ODM license plate frame

It’s no longer business as usual in terms of frames. These days, you can choose from a wide range of personalizations when designing your license plates. The two popular customization methods are OEM and ODM license plate frames:

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

This involves working directly with a car manufacturer to create a custom license plate frame specific to their brand.  Usually, OEM frames feature the logo and design elements of the vehicle company which gives them that smooth official look.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)

This approach allows for more creative freedom. You can work with custom license plate frame suppliers in order to come up with your own designs that best reflect your character best, your favorite sports team or even your business itself.   ODM frames provide limitless possibilities such as colors and logos as well as personalized messages and fancy patterns which can be used as customization options.

Promotion’s Power: The Joy for Dealers

Custom license plate frames are a car dealership’s secret weapon for marketing.  Picture all the cars leaving your location with frames that have your dealership logo and contact information.  This acts as a mobile billboard, promoting your brand and increasing brand visibility with every vehicle that passes by.  Custom license plate frame suppliers can work together with such dealerships to produce high-quality, long-lasting frames that express their brand.

Brand Yourself!!!

With Custom License Plate Frames dealers: Fun & Inexpensive Way to Personalize Your Car Or Promote Your Business. For an individual who needs something different about self-expression or a car dealer seeking an understated but effective advertising medium, there is something special about a personalized license plate frame. So delve into customization and let your automobile (or your business) do the talking!

Here are the Best 5 custom license plate frame suppliers.

1, yuyao-zhiduo




Website: https://zhi-duo.com/

To cultivate a quality-conscious mindset, we embrace the values of “civilization, realism, hard work, and enterprise.” Our focus is on achieving tangible results by enhancing management practices, improving quality standards, and boosting efficiency. We consistently prioritize consumer satisfaction, aiming to develop a seamless and effective operational model. This commitment ensures that every aspect of our development process is geared towards excellence and consumer satisfaction.






Website: https://adsco.com/

ADSCO Companies is a national warehouse distribution center offering a comprehensive range of products for the auto and truck sales and service sector. Additionally, they cater to allied service providers within the automotive industry, including car washes, detail shops, independent repair garages, and body shops. With a focus on quality and efficiency, ADSCO Companies ensures that these businesses have access to the essential tools and supplies needed to operate smoothly and effectively. Their extensive inventory and commitment to customer service make them a trusted partner in the automotive service industry, providing reliable solutions that meet the diverse needs of their clients.



3, Billet Frames




Website: https://billetframes.com/

Founded in 2003 by passionate automobile and motorcycle enthusiasts, Billet Frames aims to offer high-quality, personalized billet license plate frames. Unlike many competitors, they never sell plastic or imported frames, focusing solely on solid billet aluminum frames customized to your exact specifications. Proudly 100% American-made in Germantown, Wisconsin, their frames are crafted with precision and attention to detail.

Customization options at Billet Frames include selecting your preferred frame style and color, choosing the text, font, and text color, and adding your custom artwork or logo. This dedication to quality and personalization ensures that every frame is unique, reflecting your individual style and preferences.

Cycle Frame

Auto Frame

4, Sid Savage




Website: https://www.sidsavage.com/

Sid Savage opened his first used car business in 1946. After successfully managing several lots and collaborating with fellow dealers in the Detroit area, he recognized the need for products that could enhance the value of the cars on his lot and attract walk-in traffic. To support his friends in the industry, Sid created his first catalog with a singular mission: to “Drive your Dealership to Higher Profits®.” Thanks to Sid’s vision and loyal customers, the company has thrived for over three decades. Today, they continue to deliver on their promises: offering quality products at reasonable prices, providing exceptional customer service, enabling 24/7 ordering, and ensuring fast delivery. This commitment has solidified their reputation and sustained their success in the automotive industry.

Personalized 1 Color Motorcycle Plate Inserts

Personalized 2 Color Motorcycle Frames

5, Logotech Inc.




Website: https://www.logotech.com/

Logotech, a U.S. company, excels in providing custom promotional products with a personal touch. At the heart of our service is unparalleled customer care. We treat every client as a priority, with dedicated Account Managers offering personalized support from the initial quote to final delivery. This commitment to hands-on service, coupled with superior products and transparent pricing, has earned us the loyalty of over 95 percent of our customers. As experts in tech promotional products, we specialize in custom imprinted USB drives, power banks, and uniquely shaped USB flash drives. By partnering with lithium and flash memory vendors, we ensure the best memory stick prices in the promotional market. Our focus on delivering top-quality products has led to innovations in manufacturing processes and customer service standards industry-wide. At Logotech, we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience with every order.

Raised Letter License Plate Frame

Chrome Faced License Plate Frame