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Best 5 Cat Products Online Stores 2022

The cat is a beautiful, interesting, and weird creature.It’s your God-given responsibility to provide them with a comfortable and fun home if you are lucky enough to be loved by one.
Here’s what we learned from Brett Kruger, the feline team manager at Indianapolis’ Indyhumane shelter, about just what gear you really need when fostering a cat.

1. Food

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) recommends feeding your cat food tailored to its life stage.Cats need different nutrients as kittens do, for example.You can get information about food manufacturers on their websites before you make a purchase; research potential options before you make a purchase.Also consult your veterinarian when it comes to food for your cat.

2.Food & Water Bowls

Kruger suggests separating food and water substantially if your cat doesn’t like having them next to each other.It’s up to the owner and cat to choose what type of bowl they would like, but she recommends a fountain bowl if the owner is willing to spend a little more and take some extra time cleaning it.


According to American Humane, a non-profit organization committed to animal welfare, your cat should wear a collar even if he spends most of his time indoors.Your cat is protected with a collar, accompanying ID tags, and microchip if it escapes.By doing so, he will not be confused with a stray if he happens to pass by.

4.Litter Boxes

Your new cat will need somewhere to pee and poop.Kruger says that how many litter boxes you need depends on the number of cats in your home.
You can buy traditional litter boxes almost anywhere that sells pet supplies.However, Kruger recommends putting the cat in a large plastic tub with an entrance cut out for him.It is deep enough for your cat to bury her poop, even if she throws litter around.It is a good idea to keep the lid off the tote so cats can see what’s coming their way as they go potty.

5.Cat Trees, Scratchers, Toys

Cats enjoy settling in high places and watching the world below.Cat trees are here to help.According to Kruger, owners should choose one that is tall and sturdy.If not, the cat will find another high place to climb and sit.
Cats also scratch instinctively.It will be important for you to provide your new pet with an appropriate place to do this.The same as a cat scratcher.In Kruger’s o