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Best 5 best smart light bulb suppliers

A smart light bulb is not only integrated with distinctive functionalities but also superior controlling options. Nevertheless, with so many selections in the global market, it will be quite difficult for users to choose their favorite smart light bulb.

The five best smart light bulb suppliers

It is highly absorbing to locate the five best smart light bulb suppliers of the day.

The prime smart bulb supplier is Philips. They have availed a compatible kit that includes a hue bridge hub clubbed with 3 or 4 lamps. It exclusively comes with instructions as well as videos that give a vital explanation.

The second best smart light bulb is Alexa. They are equipped with many features from voice and app control to timer and schedules, group control, and eight percent energy saving.

The third is the smart KL130 light bulb of Kasa. In this amazing smart bulb, there is a smart app to control the light with a nil hub to get connected to WiFi besides the choice of any color. The virtual assistants of Alexa and Google Assistant can also be used.

The fourth best smart light bulb is the third generation of AiDot. The users can make use of schedules and timers to optimally fit their everyday routine. There is no hub requirement and the set up is straightforward. It even uses voice commands and syncs with background music, etc.

The fifth best smart light bulb supplier is the led bulb of Samsung Smart things. Herein, with the use of a tablet or smartphone, an indoor bulb can be turned on or off, etc. This product offers a good value for money utilizing 9 watts, producing 800 lumens with a lifespan of 25000-hour.

So, in fine, the aforementioned smart bulb suppliers are unavoidable if users choose to make their homes a little smarter considering the unbeatable functions and prices in the long run.

1. AiDot Co., Ltd

AiDot Co., Ltd (the “AiDot Co.”) is a home for your whole world. We aim to let you do more than you ever could before! Connect your devices, assistants, and routines to start creating your perfect environments. You can plug and play in any way; mix and match devices, rooms, ideas, and more and play them any way your creativity allows. We’re simply putting more of you into your home. The way it should be.


2. Hangzhou Huoshi Lighting Co., Ltd

Flint is committed to the construction of a top-level lighting brand. After years of development, Flint has become a professional brand of occupies a place in the lighting industry. The company’s technology research and development team is a leading professional team in China.


3. SMAlux

SMAlux, a brand of CE Lighting that is dedicated to Smart Lighting, has over 22 years of manufacturing experience in lighting. SMAlux holds itself in the highest regards in terms of quality control, with ISO9001, ISO14001, and SA8000 certifications, your Smart Lights are in the best of hands.


4. Cree Lighting

At Cree Lighting, our teams are made up of dreamers and doers who are committed to making all of our communities a better place to live and work. We’re not only focused on making solutions that last, but on redefining what’s possible, from the lighting we engineer to the value we add. After all, the difference between good and great lighting is often defined by who you’re working with.



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