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Best 5 Automatic Filling Sealing Machine Manufacturers 2022

Filling machines are used in packaging mainly food products that are subsequently sealed to avoid spilling and hygienic. An Automatic filling sealing machine does both the activities seamlessly without human effort. It ensures faster filling and sealing of bottles, packages, pouches, and containers. In this way, there is no room for error to occur, and the packed food is preserved for a long time until it is opened. There are several types of fillers used by the packaging industry. The auger/agitator fillers are mainly used for filling dry mixes, while the flow fillers are designed for liquids, oil, and light-weight food products. The tablet fillers are used for food products that need to be counted in numbers and not weight. Then there are positive displacement pump fillers that can easily handle wide ranges of container sizes. Creams, gels, heavy paste, etc., come under this packaging solution. Other than these, you will find tube filling machines and vertical fill sealing machines.

Suppose you have no idea about the packaging. In that case, you may get the complete solution to your packing requirements from a reliable filling and sealing manufacturer, including installation and after-sales services. In many instances, the packaging includes heat seals for the safety of the food products. In these instances, equipment is mandatory even if it is a labor-intensive sector where most things are done by hand.

Again, an Automatic packing machine is required where there are significant random variations in sizes and forms of filling and sealing. It saves time and cost significantly, unlike those of labor-intensive units. It is noteworthy that it is very difficult to do the packaging by hand during random variations of product sizes and quantities unless there are several workers. All these add to the cost and become extremely difficult for the unit to run profitably. Hence, most units need a suitable high-quality food packing machine at affordable prices.

Below are the best five automatic filling sealing machine manufacturers 2022.

1. Joygoal Machinery

Shanghai Joygoal Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company devoted to the field of food machinery. We are a comprehensive enterprise which integrates research, development, manufacture, installation and maintenance. We have advanced equipment, rich experience, highly-qualified scientific researchers and professional staff members for the after-sales services.Our major products include stand-up pouch filling and cap-screwing machines, cup filling and sealing machines, forming-bag filling and sealing machines, liquid packing machines, solid packing machines, strapping machines, vacuum packing machines, beverage production lines, etc.


2. I Capsule Pack

Aipak is a industry leader of one-stop pharmaceutical production and packaging solution expert with more than 15 years’ industry experience.Aipak main products include Capsule Filling Machine,Tablet Counting Line,Blister Packing Machine,Tube Filling Machine,Tablet Press Machine,Tablet Coating Machine,Bin Blender,High Shear Mixer Granulator, Fluid Bed Dryer,Suppository Filling Machine,Empty Capsule,etc.which have been widely applied in pharmaceutical,cosmtics,daily-chemial,food,beverage and other industries.


3. Y-fang Grou

The Y-fang Group was established in 1985 and incorporates the latest Japanese packaging technologies in the design of our latest Super Sealer machines. We specialize in the design and manufacture of sealing machines for various Industrial applications. With over 30 years of manufacturing experience,we are able to produce a wide range of tray sealing machines with a capacity of 450 to 600 pieces per hour.


4. Zonesun Technology Limited

ZONESUN Co., Ltd is manufacturer and trader specialized in the research, development and production of filling machinery, capping machine and labeling machine.


5. Viking Masek Global Packaging

We manufacture easy-to-use premade pouch packing machines, economical VFFS baggers, high-speed continuous motion vertical baggers, and multilane stick packaging machines.