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Best 5 Air Jordan 5 Sneakers Suppliers 2022

Air Jordan 5 is the fifth authentic basketball shoe in the Nike Jordan series of footwear. Although it appeared in 1989, it has been going strong with huge sales of its series. The boots are especially noticed for their fiery flame pattern on the upper part and their overall appearance shaped like a fighter jet. They became a big hit with young and old and looked dynamic and were a symbol of success for those wearing them. It was priced at a high rate, and this was unaffordable to most ordinary folks who felt that they couldn’t play without the Air Jordan. Certain manufacturers exploited this gap in demand, and they brought out the replica jordans that were priced cheaply.

Replica shoes are in huge demand from customers globally, and there are several stores on the internet advertising as having the best replica of an original brand. Yet the truth is that most are not made out of quality materials. Only a few manufacturers have quality control and product audit in place so that they can deliver sneakers that are very close to the original brand. It would help if you spotted these replica jordans online shops so that you get one of the best replicas to wear and show off. These are made of standard leather and have almost the same comfort and performance as the original ones.

Below are the best 5 Air Jordan 5 sneakers suppliers 2022

1. Monica Sneakers

Monica Sneakers has reached a cooperation with these replica sneakers brands, we can get the goods directly from their factories, and the price will be lower. We will carefully select their best quality products and sell them at low prices. We have integrated Best fake sneakers brands and reached cooperation. For some brands, we are even one of the few distributors. Monica Sneakers goal is always to bring best fake sneakers to more fans who love Best fake sneakers at the best price.


2. Flight Club

Flight Club is the world’s No. 1 sneaker consignment marketplace with retail locations in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and an online store that services international shoppers.



A global e-commerce platform for sneakers and fashion powered by enterprise-level solutions, KICKS CREW redefines retail with over 400,000 unique styles to an inclusive community worldwide.


5. GOAT Group

GOAT Group represents the leading platforms for authentic sneakers, apparel and accessories. Operating three distinct brands–GOAT, Flight Club and alias–GOAT Group has a global community of over 40M members across 170 countries.


5. Stadium Goods

Sneakers and streetwear aren’t just our business, they’re our lifestyle. We understand that what you wear tells a story about who you are, where you’ve been, and even where you want to go. We know this because we’ve lived it. We’ve watched this community grow with us, and we’ve been a part of it since the beginning.